The Institute of Food Research and Product Development (IFRPD) provides services to staff members, business owners, and the general public. The services are as follows:

Research and Development Services

R&D (Research and Product Development) is an academic service that IFRPD (Institute of Food Research and Product Development) values and sees as having a lot of potential because IFRPD has staff with knowledge and expertise in the food industry, and also modern tools and equipment that meet standards, as well as a thorough understanding of science and food technology. In the form of "Academic Development Projects," IFRPD's R&D delivers product development services based on the conditions/needs of service applicants under academic advise through a process of meticulous study and research, as well as close follow-up and cooperation with service applicants.

Food Quality Assurance Services (FQA)

Food Quality Assurance Service Center (FAQ) is an IFRPD unit that has been licensed with ISO / IEC 17025 laboratory standards and has been authorized by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a national agency to be responsible for the analysis of raw materials and food products for quality assurance and requests for registration of food recipes.

FQA offers analytical services for chemical, physical, and microbiological tests, as well as nutrition labeling and heat dissipation in sterilizers, as well as biological tests in nutrition and food toxicology, performed by qualified academics using modern techniques/methods and tools at a reasonable service rate. It especially delivers a precise analysis report that is completely dependable. Entrepreneurs in the food business and anyone interested can obtain additional information on expenses and analytical data at

Academic Training Services

IFRPD has a unit called the Technology Transfer and Industry Development Center. It offers processing technology workshop training services emphasizing both lectures and practical exercises in the scope of food production and storage services, including various in food related technologies for entrepreneurs at all levels of the food industry, academics, farmer-entrepreneurs, and the general public who are interested in this field. IFRPD has arranged more than 20 food training courses per year and has provided training to countries nearby both nationally and regionally by academics with firsthand expertise.

Machine and Tool Services

IFRPD is aware of the limitations when starting to produce food products for sale on the market; the experimental test must rely on appropriate tools, machines, and equipment, and some of which are quite expensive. As a result, IFRPD establishes a policy to give tools, machinery, and equipment services to food industry entrepreneurs at all levels, with an emphasis on small, medium, and household levels with limited potential in order to test product production in the early stages. IFRPD offers a wide range of tools, machines, and equipment.

Product and Distribution Services

All items produced and sold by IFRPD are the result of academically diligent and ongoing research, experimentation, and development by the institute to ensure that products are qualified, clean, safe, and meet standards. As a result, it can definitely boost consumer confidence. IFRPD will routinely produce high-quality, type/category new products for consumers.

Catering Services

The "Sahaphot Dining Room" at Kasetsart University is managed by the IFRPD's Food & Catering Section. It has been providing excellent, clean, and cost-effective food services for over 40 years, including catering services such as snacks, lunch, and supper, both on and off-site in buffet style, and food kiosks. If you are interested, you can sample some meals before deciding to use IFRPD's services at the Amorn Bhumirat Building, 1st floor, which is open from 7 AM to 1 PM on business days.